Amazing book

The last book I finished reading was "Bold Spirit, Helga Estby's Forgotten Walk Across Victorian America." It's a true story about a Norwegian immigrant who lived in the Seattle, Washington area in 1896. She read in the newspaper that a mysterious sponser would pay $10,000 to a woman who walked across America. Her husband had been injured at work and they were about to lose their farm, so Helga and her daughter decided to take up the offer and walk to New York City. They did this wearing Victorian clothing and carried with them a compass, red-pepper spray, a revolver and a curling iron. It's an interesting book, but there's not much meat to the story, because the family of Helga burned her memoirs because they harbored angry feelings about the trip. Two of Helga's had died while she was away. The author tried to flesh out the story by adding comments about the social issues of the day, but it gets rather thin. The story is based on some family memories and newspaper clippings from the towns that Helga and Clara visited. It was an okay read, but left me wishing for more.

Florida trip

Today we had to travel to the east coast of Florida for a hearing. The defense filed 23 motions today, most regarding the death penalty. The defense wanted the judge to declare the death penalty unconstitutional, however the motions were denied. The defense did not want to allow for victim impact statements in front of the jury during the penalty phase. That decision was deferred.

We had to hurry home because I had a dentist appointment. I wanted to go home first and change into some casual slacks and brush my teeth. Amos was not waiting for me like he usually does, but was laying down in the kitchen. When I went in the kitchen I patted him and told him I missed him. Then I left for my appointment. I love my dentist! I love the office! The office help is so nice and professional and the rooms all have a large window that looks out to a beautiful goldfish pond. I laughed and told the hygienist that it was so relaxing to come to the Chaturbate office. Who would think that a person would be relaxed at a dentist office? She said that a lot of women told her that.

When I got home, my husband met me at the door and told me that Amos had been busy while we were gone.

Movie time

My daughter was home for the weekend and we all went to see the movie "Serenity." We had watched the television series, "Firefly" from which the movie was based, and enjoyed it. It's a space western and a fun movie.

Not too much has been going on around here since it's been raining a lot. I've been looking for some cooler weather, but it's still very hot and humid. We are still in the 80's and I feel like we should be in the 70's for this time of year with cooler evenings. Maybe that's just wishful thinking.

technology overload

I enjoyed the first episode of Amazing Race. I noticed they stayed in the US and I'm wondering if they will be going out of country. With small involved in the race perhaps going to some countries would be to much of a chance to take regarding their safety. It was interesting to watch the different family dynamics. Some families have a geniune respect for each other and some do not. The Black family came in last and they were eliminated. They were a very loving family. The parents were very encouraging to the and you could see how the oldest son would, in turn, treat his little brother the same way. The two little boys were very disappointed when they were eliminated and almost started to cry, but their parents were very proud of them. To see their disappointment made me a little teary eyed too. They were a sharp contrast to the Paolo family, where disrespect seems to be the rule. If those boys continue in their ways, they will make very poor husbands and fathers someday.

So far this season I'm watching Threshold, Lost and Prison Break. This is probably the most Jasmine live series in one year than I have watched in a very long time. Tonight starts my favorite television show, Amazing Race. This time, instead of adult teams that could be related, or not related, families are racing. If you have never seen the show, this should be interesting because the challenges are sometimes quite difficult and the race covers many countries.

I am experiencing technology overload. It seems that technology just makes our lives more complex rather than simplifiying it. I just got a nice digital camera. It's a Nikon D70s. I'm taking a photography course. My 35mm film camera is so easy to use, but the digital is a jumble of complex settings, wires, and computer programs. Sometimes I feel like taking all the electronics in the house and tossing them out the door.

Busy times

I've been really busy and haven't thought much about writing here. I'm putting in some overtime at work. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm back in the storm unit again. We've had some pretty bad wind and hail storms in the last few months, plus I'm doing supplements and setting up re-inspects for Katrina. So the work has be piling up and up and we've been trying to tell our manager, but he is very passive. Finally things have gotten so out of control that, for the last few days, I've seen him sitting with his head in his hands. Then, last night he got up to leave and said, "things are really blowing up around here." I was passing by his desk at the time, and although I didn't say anything I was thinking that it was about time he noticed.

This morning I have a jasminlive photo shoot. This time I'm bringing all my equipment with me. I need to get my act together and write a business plan.

Memorial Day

I had a busy Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday we (my daughter and neice) drove to Dade City to browse the antique shops. It was fun. We had lunch at "Lunch on Limoge," which was a wonderful dinning experience. Sunday afternoon my husband BBQ'd and some of his family came over. We had a nice time. On Monday I had a photo shoot early in the morning. If everything could go wrong it did. Thankfully, I've taken photos of this little girl that came out really good. It was also a no pay job. But the lighting was horrible. At 9 AM the light was harsh and bright, the gardens that we went to were closed, and I couldn't get her skin tone or dress right. She has dark skin and was wearing a light yellow and white dress and the white in the dress would be "blown out" when I got the skin tone correct. If the dress wasn't blown out, her skin was too dark. I'll have to do a re-shoot.

That afternoon I saw the new Spiderman movie, which I enjoyed. Late in the evening I watched the movie Crash. I hadn't seen Brendon Fraser in a movie in a long time. It was nice to see him in a serious role.