5 Best Ideas for Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding gift

Wedding anniversaries are special occasions to celebrate togetherness and sharing the ups and downs of life. As their love grows year after year, couples cherish and celebrate this together as well as with their near and dear ones too. Given the significance of this day, personalized gifts need to be unique and memorable. So, here are 5 wedding anniversary gifts that you may buy.


    1. Give them a Couple Luxury Cushion Set

Cushions are not just décor items but carry emotional significance too. Stumped? Well! Think where do conversations take place and where are cushions kept—either on a sofa or a bed. These are two places in a home where most conversations take place. So, giving a customized luxury cushion set to a couple will help add vibes of love to these places. Even as décor items, these cushion sets stand out as compared to regular cushion sets. If you are close to the couple, you may even choose to get a sassy quote printed for the couple. But, if not, stick to standard ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ graphics or names with photos. Again, choose well-shot photos that are not too private in nature. For example, no couple would like to display a cushion with their photos in beachwear printed on it.


    2. Personalized Wine/Champagne Glasses for Joyous Occasions

So, alcohol (of course in moderate quantities) is not just about social bonding but couple bonding too. Don’t believe us? Here’s what a research report published on goodtherapy.org has to say. “Couples who drink alcohol often do so together. Whether it is sharing a bottle of wine over dinner or having a few drinks at a social gathering, research suggests that couples who drink together have more intimate and satisfying relationships than those who drink apart.” So, gifting personalized wine/champagne glasses with names or initials of the couples makes perfect sense. Even if the two or one of them is a teetotaller, they can still drink together –if not alcohol then something else. After all, who does not like that feeling of sophistication that comes with drinking out of stylish wine/champagne glasses?


3. Wall Clocks for Waking Up to a Love Message

They say that as a marriage grows older, love starts waning. But what if there’s a gentle reminder for the couple to love each other more for the rest of their lives? Possible? Yes, of course! And how? When anyone gets up, the first thing he or she looks for is time. Many do check on their cell-phones, but in an entire day, a wall clock does not go unnoticed. That is precisely why a personalized wall clock with a quote on love or a picture of a couple together or both is a lovely wedding anniversary idea. If possible, choose a wall clock that suits the décor of the couple’s room. If not, choose classic colours like black, golden, etc.


4. Matching Passport Holders

Personalized matching passport holders are an amazing gift for couples who love traveling. It’s thoughtful, useful, and sweet. Also, these are available at the lower price range, so you do not need to break a bank or plan saving money to buy gift for the newlyweds. Choose a stylish and compact set of passport holders that are made of faux leather and are scratch-resistant too. It is even better to buy those with additional space to keep important cards such as debit cards, credit cards, etc.


5. Help Them Travel Stress-Free with Stylish Luggage Tags

Luggage tags help identify one’s belongings on the luggage carousel at the airport where the passengers wait to collect their luggage. Sometimes, luggage might get mixed or misplaced and the generic tags given at the time of check-in do not help much. In instances such as these, luggage tags help make the couple’s luggage (or any luggage for that matter) stand out and easily identifiable. When customized, these luggage tags carry quirky graphics along with ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ or just the initials of the names of the newly married couple. Ensure that you get quality tags made using leather or faux leather from a reliable online/offline gift store as a cheap rubberized version of it really looks distasteful as wedding gifts for couples.



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