An Overview Of Top Preclinical research service

An Overview Of Top Preclinical research service

Preclinical research services have emerged as one of the most sought out aspects for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry. These studies used to be carried out mostly in nationalized institutions previously. 

But with the exponentially increasing diseases and complex chemical components which can be fruitful or harmful, the need for such services outnumbered the laboratories that researches were conducted in. Major private institutions came forward with more well-equipped labs to provide timely services and thereafter emerged one of the leading sectors known referred to as CROs. 

Services offered by CROs

There are multiple stages that any drug or new chemical component has to go through before entering Phase I clinical trials. Preclinical CRO services include analytical method development, ADME testing, bioavailability tests and more. Here’s a list of some of the most essential services offered by CROs:

Analytical Method Development

When new drugs are developed in most cases with new drug components there is a need to test the potential of the chemical and physical properties of the probable API. Analytical method development is one of the most important preclinical research services offered by top laboratories. 


This is a preclinical CRO service which is again very crucial to drug development and it constitutes testing the pharmacokinetic behavior of the drug as well as toxicity. In most cases when the drug metabolite used is new and not a cheaper alternative of an existent drug DMPK turns out to be extremely essential.


Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion is another service that CROs offer. These phases study how drugs enter the system and what dosage would accurately target cells and how much of the drug component is left behind in the system. This is an essential step to test the efficacy of a drug depending on its movement. 

Pharmaceutical Contract Bioavailability Test

Bioavailability is a process that shows what percentage of a drug can reach the bloodstream. In this preclinical CRO service method of drug administration is an essential factor that influences this mechanism. For example, inhalation or oral transmission will not have as much bioavailability in the bloodstream as much intravenous injection of the drug would. 

Biomarker Tests

Biomarkers have long replaced the use of clinical endpoints. The test for biomarkers is essential to check the accurateness of the method used for further tests. This is done to check if the biomarker is capable of to send signals of diagnosis and all other factors that it is used for, repeatedly and accurately. 

Bioequivalence Tests

When drug alternatives are made, bioequivalence tests are performed to check the efficacy of the new drug in comparison to the previous one instead of going through the entire preclinical stages. 

Besides these preclinical research services, there are multiple other services offered by CROs which include drug interaction tests, pharmacodynamic tests, pharmacogenomics test, and toxicology tests. These tests are now carried out in well-equipped labs with proper equipment and staff to enable accurate results.  These services are critical for leading pharma players to speed track drug research and development. 


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