Face the class 10 maths board exams with these tricks

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Many students in their higher classes still consider maths as a nightmare. They can’t understand the fun behind maths. The chances of getting either full wrong or full right are equal and they believe in the failure probabilities. But is maths really a scary subject? The students in their final schooling year like 10thgrade are struggling and spending so much time on maths. This also affects the studies of other subjects too. What is the real methodology to score high marks in class 10 maths? Here you can see the top 5 practices that will help you to befriend the subject and learning will be fun-filled.

  • Understand the syllabus

Before start learning, you can get the entire syllabus of class 10 to analyze it. You can segregate the whole syllabus into different categories and rate them according to your difficulty level. Try to find out how the marks are distributed to each chapter from the maths model paper for class10 CBSE. Then concentrate on the tough and most mark allocated portions.

  • Keep your own short notes

No one can realize your problems better than you. So if you are weak in memorizing the formulas and equations, keep a separate short note for it. Make it into a formulae book by including the important formulae from all chapters. Also mention the important theorems in maths in easy form. Each time when you glance through the book, your memory will get refreshed and that will retain for a long time. For your last-minute revision also this method will be highly useful.

  • Self-checking

After learning the important concepts and formulae from a particular chapter, you can go through different problems. Collect as much material as possible to solve out, as the best method to learn maths is practicing. Without any other help, you can do it yourself. Learning is one thing and the application of it in the problem is another. So if you are so familiar with a huge range of questions, you can handle any type of questions in the exam hall too.

  • Self-realization

Different students will have different strong and weak areas. Identifying them in the proper manner and working on it more aggressively will help them score better. Just to identify that one has to create a mock test environment and to test how well they can perform in such a pressure-filled ambiance. After learning each chapter you can test your grip on them. For this one can download the CBSE 10th grade maths worksheets and start practicing.

In nutshell,

The exam fear is very common among students and especially for maths like subjects the students struggle a lot. But with the systematic approach of learning will help them to overcome these barriers easily. It is of self-confidence too. Once they are thorough with all the portions and dealt with so many problems from their lessons, they will be filled with confidence and will perform very well in the exam.


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