Eternally grateful

I've been very worried that our insurance company would not renew us. If you haven't heard, the state of homeowner's insurance in Florida is a mess. I've been telling my husband about it, but I was not sure if he had been listening. He brought the mail in last week and handed me an envelope from our insurance co. He said, "I've got some really bad news." I read the letter and it said that they had done a valuation on our property and that we would have a rate increase when our policy renews next month. I was thrilled. I had been worried about finding a company and didn't want to end up with Citizens. Valuation? Pooh! We were due for one anyway. That letter made my day.

Maybe it's a blessing there is no "k" in the name ...

... of the hurricane Katrina, now bearing down on the coast of LA, MS and FL, which, if included would make it "Katrinka" aka the Powerful Katrinka character in the Toonerville Folks cartoons by the late Fontaine Fox.

Kate was a powerful woman who used her strength for good. No one crossed her but she'd be no match for this category five hurricane.

Let's just pray and hope that the worst case scenerio does not happen. No disaster movie ever made or even thought of will come close to what could very well happen.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the folks in the hurricane's path.

Remember several weeks back when I wrote about a gas tanker driving too fast to make the curve off the tollway onto Gurnee's Grand Avenue? The flip over shut down Grand Avenue for over 12-hours. All because the driver ignored the speed limit. Back in May it was a garbage truck that overturned on the same curve. What a mess.

So the suits at the Tollway Authority are going to post additional new signs repeating the warning that the speed limit is 25-mph on that curve.

This OzWiz is curious as to whether the warnings will be bi-lingual.