Ok, I'm guilty as I spent too much of today ...

... watching the events connected to Katrina, the huge hurricane instead of doing some writing that I should have done previously.

Maybe disasters fascinate folks, this one did for me as I followed it from the beginning when it was just a little ol' storm in the Carribean. It certainly put the name "Katrina" into the vocabulary.

Maybe it was because I have been flooded out twice in my life and lived thru a typhoon while stationed on Okinawa that this type of disaster is of special interest to me. I feel for and know somewhat these folks have gone thru.

CNN is on with new video coverage as this is being written. The damage continues to expand so there is little doubt that this is a major disaster.

This event should make you very thankful for the basics of life, which includes your family, pets, water, power, clean & dry clothing, a comfortable bed and that roof over your head (preferably one that doesn't leak or be torn off by the weather). Express your thanks before going to sleep tonight.

Katrina will affect everyone in this country for many a time, maybe into the foreseeable future beginning with the price of the gas you put into your vehicle. The ripple grows larger and larger as everything becomes more expensive.

Get your wallet and/or purse out now.