How do I choose a rug for my living room?

rug for my living room

In a living room, a rug reflects the conversation area, and it must be big enough in size that some part of the furniture can cover it. The biggest mistake people often make is to use too small area rugs in living rooms. Depending on the surface pattern and the interior transforms, carpets not only have aesthetic properties that are the base of interior designing in a well-decorated living room but also it performs different functions. Always use standard sizes such as 6*9 feet, 8*10 feet, and 9*10 feet, which are usually available in the market but if these sizes do not match with your available room space, try to look for custom made rug. Be mindful about one thing strictly while selecting the Persian rug Cleaning NYC for the living room, that there must be 5 to 9 inches of bare space around the sides of the rug.

While choosing color and pattern of rug for the living room, think decently, and use a solid rug with a neutral color to soothe an electric room. A patterned rug will be a better option for hiding spills and dirt, while a solid rug will show stains.

If your living room is colorful, use such colorful rugs that completely are in contrast with the room walls and other decorated items.

While selecting texture, keep in mind that wool rugs can give softness and warmth; on the contrary, natural stuff like jute and sisal are a little rough. Silk is beautiful and soft but also tough and expensive to be cleaned. Take all the factors of the texture of the rug while shopping for the living room.

Your space can be of little more interest and defined by layering carpets on top of each other. This tip can be helpful in terms of adding a little more pattern and color, and it’s specifically a great technique for seasonal decoration ideas. In cold weathers, rug layering can provide coziness, and then in the hot seasons, you can change them and generate a look that sounds lighter.

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Dark-colored rugs are best for living-room designing strategy as it is a heavy traffic area of the house. Likewise, space near the stairs, corridors, and hallways also required semi-synthetic fabric. This will be helpful in cleaning because a low pile will be simply cleaned with even a low powered vacuum cleaner. For a room with decorated light, designers recommend using a bright rug with an ornamental pattern.


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