Look Trendy In Kurti With Different Bottom Wear

Look Trendy In Kurti With Different Bottom Wear

There’s no denying that Kurtis and Kurtas are an integral part of anyone’s wardrobe – whether it’s a male or a female. First and foremost, Kurtis, if worn properly, can never go wrong as they can fit any body type. Secondly, they’re considered to be super-comfortable, especially in the summers. And thirdly, you can find them at almost any given price-range, thereby making them one of the most affordable solutions for top-wear out there.

Women have choices to either go with tailored-made kurti designs or simply go with ready-made ones. So, without much further ado, let’s look at some of the best options for bottom wear that you can easily pair up with a kurti to look trendy and stylish.

The Best Bottom Wear Ideas To Go Along With Kurtis Are :

  1. Regular Salwar

A combination of Kurti-salwar is almost hard to beat because of its conventional styling. In case you want something a bit edgier, then you can easily alter the combination according to your liking. The following are some of the considerations you can take-up to bring about a new look:

  • You can always make your kurti a little shorter or longer in vertical height to meet your taste & style of clothing.
  • In case you find Kurtis to be just plain and old, you can combine it with salwars to give it a more conventional look. The salwar will be acting as the showstopper while the Kurti will go hand-in-hand with the same, making sure it doesn’t go over the top.
  1. Skits (Or Lehengas)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that kurtis and skirts are an eternal combination that any woman can easily pull-off. The idea that should be followed here is quite simple – if you’re wearing a skirt that is quite long in terms of its overall length, then the topwear or the Kurti should be shorter in vertical height (preferably shorter than knee-length). Similarly, if the skirt that you’re wearing is shorter in size, then the Kurti should be slightly longer in vertical height.

The material of the Kurti can preferably be made from something simple like cotton or crepe, while the combined skirt should be made like a ghagra along with its intricate details. It should be noted that the main emphasis should be put on the skirt and not on the Kurti, so choose wisely.

  1. Aladdin Or Slit Salwars (Patiala Salwars)

Over the last couple of years, there has been a significant shift in trend – from harem pants to the now Aladdin pants. These pants have a slit down the side of the lower half and are generally made from sheer materials. You can wear Kkurtis of any length with a bottom wear collection like this – however, it’s suggested that the Kurti should be up to waist length and not more than that.

  1. Pair Of Denims

If you’re a fan of loosely-fitted kurtis, then a pair of typical denim will match with the same. Regular slim fitted or skinny fitted denim would be amazing in combining the westernised look with an Indian touch. You can comfortably wear it as a daily office or college wear.

  1. Harem Salwars (Dhoti Pants)

The harem salwar doesn’t need any kind of proper introduction because it was a massive trend at one point of time in the fashion industry and most Bollywood celebrities have already beaten it out of trend  by deciding to wear it in every possible manner.

The best part about harem salwars is that they’re unisex. However, the thing that should be remembered here is that the Kurti shouldn’t be too long in vertical length; otherwise, the entire look will be devastated.


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