Let's see

This weekend we went to the Redfish Tournament in Port Charlotte. My husband had some friends that made the finals. They didn't win though. On the way home we stopped and had some BBQ chicken. We spent a nice day.

Yesterday it was so smokey from the fires. I decided to take Abraham to the beach. I can't take them both because I would not be able to handle them. Abraham never gets to go to fun places so I decided to take him. I took lots of precautions as to not lose him. He had such a grand time! He chased the waves and tried to bite them. He ran around like crazy on his 50' flexi leash. He explored sand dunes. He tried to hunt down a large pelican that was on the beach, by crouching low and sneaking up on it. It saw him and flew into the water. He went after it and thought that the water was shallow like it was at the other end of the beach where he was playing in the waves. To his surprised, it dropped off, and I actually saw a look of confusion as he dog paddled about. I called him to shore and he came. It was a good experience for him. It didn't frighten him because he was right back in the waves later on. When it was time to go home he was a tired out, tail wagging, tongue hanging dog.