Top 10 centres for best cancer treatment in India

Cancer treatment in India

Cancer is a very deadly disease, so correct diagnosis and quick treatment are vital in surviving it. In India, cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death after heart disease. So to get the best medicine, you need to go to the best hospital. Here is a list of the top 10 centres for best cancer treatment in India. This list is based on the facilities, staff and reputation the hospital has.

  1. Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute and research centre

It is one of the top-ranked Indian cancer research centre not only in India but in the Asian subcontinent. It was established in 1996, since then they have treated more than 2 lakh patients. They are known not only for their cancer specialists but also their advanced use of technology. They are also one of the only cancer treatment centres in India who use Sonblate 500 to treat prostate cancer. It has proven to be one of the most trusted cancer hospitals due to its13 dedicated departments to cancer care. It is also one of the most affordable cancer treatment centres in Asia. Its located in New Delhi.

  1. AIIMS(New Delhi)

AIIMS Delhi has been treating Indian cancer patients since 1956. They offer surgery, radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. It is a government-funded hospital, which provides treatment at cheaper rates than private hospitals.

  1. Tata Memorial Government hospital (Mumbai)

It was founded in 1941and has exponentially grown when it comes to research and treatment of cancer. It provides proper quality counselling and therapy. As it is jointly funded by the government and tata group, it can provide quality cancer treatment in affordable prices.

  1. Apollo hospitals private hospital(Chennai)

Since 1983 Apollo hospitals private hospital has been one of the leading Indian Cancer Research Centre. Especially when it comes to technology. It has lead to people from over 100 countries visiting the hospital

  1. Basavatakaram Indo_american hospital(Hyderbad)

It is probably the smallest hospital on this list. However, it has been providing specialized care to cancer patients since 1989.

  1. Fortis malar private hospital(Chennai)

This hospital has been known in India for its innovative cancer treatments. They have a 25-year legacy and has a commendable 77% success rate in radiation oncology.

  1. Columbia Asia Hospital(Bengaluru)

It is a multinational hospital chain originally from Malaysia. They are specialists in detecting cancer early.

  1. Kidawai memorial institute of oncology

The government funds one of India s most popular hospitals and. It aims to provide quality cancer care at affordable prices. The hospital also sells cancer drugs more than 50 % cheaper than market price.

  1. Kims Cancer centre (Trivandrum)

Its the leading hospital in breast cancer treatment in India.

  1. Adyar cancer institute

This hospital is known for its charitableness, it takes in more than 50% of its patients for free.


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