My dog walker

My dog walker is a retired man from New York. I'm not sure what his prior profession was, but he is now a philosopher and dog walker. He is in his late 60's and is probably in better shape than most 25 year old men. You'd be too, if you spent your day exercising.

I know he used to be married, but now he lives alone. I think dog walking gives people a lot of time to think. It must be difficult thinking so much all the time and then not having many people to discuss your thoughts with. I guess you could talk to the dogs, but the problem is that they don't give feedback and all too often they become rather bored if the conversation does not involved a recognizable food word or cats. So every time I call my dog walker on the phone, the conversation swiftly turns from scheduling and dogs to philosophy. The calls usually last from 30 minutes to an hour. For some reason, my husband refuses to call him.

Clara Maass, nurse heroine

Yesterday's blog briefly mentioned Clara Maass in conjunction with Walter Reed and his quest to conquer yellow fever. Clara deserves our gratitude as she died in the quest. She certainly deserves more than the brief mention this OzWiz gave her.

So, from the website of here's more info:

One of the nation's most courageous nurses, Clara Louise Maass lost her life during scientific studies to determine the cause of yellow fever. A graduate of Newark German Hospital Training School for Nurses, she worked as an Army nurse in Florida, Cuba, and the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. In 1900, Maass returned to Cuba at the request of Maj. William Gorgas, chief sanitation officer. There she became embroiled in a controversy over the cause of yellow fever. To determine whether the tropical fever was caused by city filth or the bite of a mosquito, seven volunteers, including Maass, were bitten by the mosquitoes. Two men died, but she survived. Several months later she again volunteered to be bitten, this time suffering severe pain and fever. Maass died of yellow fever at the age of 25. In her memory, Newark German Hospital was renamed Clara Maass Memorial Hospital and in 1952, Cuba issued a national postage stamp in her name. In 1976, the U.S. Postal Service honored Clara Louise Maass with a commemorative stamp.

As today is my father's birthday (1899) I should mention that Major Walter Reed was a personal hero of his as he followed in his profession, bacteriology. I ran a Google search on my dad without finding a mention, odd as he was in Who's Who back when he was in charge of the medical labs for the state of Illinois. Sad to not find him but this OzWiz has several mentions. Now that's odd.

Headline in local NewsSun: For Sale: Six Flag Parks. Since one of them is just down the road from our home the thought of being sold, again, worries village officials. Our park was started by the Marriott family back in 1975 and it was good. Since then it was sold to another corporation whose name escapes me and then some years back to the Six Flags folks. One of the items I learned was that Dan Snyder, who owns the Washington Redskins NFL pro football team, has some of his many bucks invested in these parks. They will be put up for auction. No hurry, still summer and you can visit this park before it closes after Halloween.

Not that far away as Labor Day comes up in just over a week.