What are the factors that affect carpet cleaning costs?

carpet cleaning costs

A certified carpet or rug cleaning/repairing – association charges based on a per square footage or room of the carpet at home. Its median cost lies $25 – $70 for each room. Nowadays, the majority of homeowners are spending almost $50, and it is a  national average cost that lies between $35 to $55 almost. These rates can fluctuate as per the size of the carpet and the number of rooms in the home. Carpet cleaners usually charge some additional fees for furniture displacement before cleaning service.  Therefore, to make the average cost down, move large and heavy furniture by family help before the cleaning staff reaches your place. Plus, If you are willing a complete house cleaning, the bigger the size of your home, the cheaper the prices will be. For a general home size i.e., 1000-1800 sq. Feet, cleaning cost, would lie between $150 – $450.

There are many factors when it comes to dealing with the cost of cleaning a carpet. First of all, it depends on the rug’s material or stuff such as synthetic, silk fiber, or wool. Secondly, there is a price difference in the rug cleaning of the hand-knotted and machine-tied rug. Similarly, other factors are its dusty condition and the colors so on. i.e., moth infestation, pet urine, mold, smoke damage, or mildew. In terms of colors, it will be estimated before rug cleaning whether the colors are safe or they will fade during the cleaning and cause some damage to the carpet.

Length and width are multiplied to find out the total square foot. For instance,  a rug with 6 feet length and 4 feet width is 24 square feet. Then increase this 24 by the price of square footage. If the cleaning cost per square foot for this example is $1.65, the cleaning cost would then be $39.40. These prices can vary when inches are rounded up or down. Moreover, check the tag at the back corner of your rug, which specifies the content of the fiber. Most of the time, the sizes are also mentioned on this tag.

Some additional costs can be charged in case of more heavily soiled carpets. This price range could be $190 – $250 per 1000 sq. Ft. A few companies make a trap and change their demand by adding fees for halls and entryways after quoting depending on a per room charges. It is essential to select such a company that charges on the square-foot basis to avoid any hidden costs and be more upfront. Follow a straightforward approach for price setting of carpet cleaning or something else. Decide clearly what extra services you want to get from the professional carpet cleaning company i.e., carpet color or water restoration, to avoid any misunderstanding in the end.


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