What are the traditional types of Curtains?

Following are some traditional types of curtains that can be considered before purchasing to narrow down which type and style of curtain will suit you best depending on their  stuff, applications and cleaning processes. As just like different stuff of carpets,  curtains also require special cleaning agents and techniques for every different fabrics and material:

  • “Panel Pair” curtains consist of two panels that are separated in a classic and contemporary style. This curtain is in the form of a pair of separated panels, so you can set this type of curtain on any side of the window. Each panel is pulled toward each other to close this curtain. Such panel paired curtains are tied back to generate an overall symmetry for your window treatment.
  • In “Single panel” curtains, only one panel covers the whole window. It can be pulled on any side to open and to create a symmetrical, modern look, you can tie it back. These curtains are popular in casual and modern styles.
  • “A window treatment set” is a window specialist curtain. That is to say, it  often includes more than one curtain with a valance. For this type, some window kits also possess accessories like a curtain rod and
  • “A Valance” is a relatively short type of curtain that usually hangs at very close to the curtain rod. This is an optional selection for decorative addition. Valances complete your room-outlook that are available in both forms i.e., as a part of a window treatment set or separately as well.
  • “A window Scarf” is very similar to a valance. It is a thin, long piece of curtain fabric that is typically hung from the top of the window. This category is a great idea to create a unique, dramatic look with the window treatment.
  • “A Liner” is basically another optional choice to bring some additional beauty to your curtains with versatility. A liner with  sheer curtains increases your privacy  and controls the light allowance in your room. These curtains also have additional qualities such as they may be thermal, or can help in noise-blocking.
  • “Sheer Curtains” are popular for their semi-transparent and thin fabrics. When they are closed, daylight is provided in a controlled manner. They are not much helpful in providing you privacy but can give an amazing decorative look especially to your dining and living rooms.
  • “Semi-Opaque” curtains are a combination of sheer and blackout curtains. They provide little daylight in the room on closing but privacy level is greater than sheer curtains.
  • “Blackout” curtains allow very less light-intensity in a room when on closing. They often have built-in linings and are made of comparatively heavier material than other types of curtain.


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