Which are Safe Carpet Cleaning Chemicals?

Safe Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Some of the safe carpet cleaning solutions are discussed below in detail:

  •     Enzyme

Carpet Cleaning NYC products that are secured to apply are enzyme-based, and most of these are heat activated. Digestion of protein matter into soil and waste is sped up using such enzymatic mixtures.

  •     Synthetic Rinses

Professionals suggest synthetic rinse solves many Rug Cleaning or Carpet cleaning problems. They are applied for wool carpets or cleaning synthetic. Naturally, they are acidic, which helps in the neutralization of high-alkaline chemicals that are found in spray solutions. Chemical residue and emulsified soil are removed easily in this way, making carpet fibers soft and clean.

  •     Teflon

It is also known as polytetrafluoroethylene, which is slippery and non-sticky in nature. Working as a carpet protector, it repels stains on the carpet surface.

  •     Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaners

They are often used for a spot in pre-spray treatments and are colorless. Spots, stains, and bacteria can be removed easily. These cleaning agents penetrate into the carpet surface and oxidize odors and stains. By drying these cleaners to a powder and vacuuming later is an appropriate method.

  •     Cita-fresh

It is the best choice if you have a very greasy carpet accumulated with dust over time. It smells like an orange that scents your carpet fresh. This chemical is suitable for woolen carpets and delicate silk rugs as well.

  •     Odaban

If you wish to get rid of consistent irritating odors from your carpet, Odaban will work 100 percent as it absorbs such odors from the carpet and leaving behind a pleasant aroma. It smells like sulfur, rotten vegetables, and petroleum products are its main targets.

  •     Grease Release Spotter

If your carpet is suffering from greasy and oily stains, this cleaning agent is advisable. No more deposits will remain out there on the carpet surface. Within a short time, it removes stains as compared to other cleaning chemicals.


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