Why limestone for landscaping- Know top 5 reasons to use limestones

limestone pavers

It is well known that many different types of natural stones are used today to enhance the timeless beauty of homes. Some stones are preferred for hardness, strength and durability; while others are preferred for affordability and look. Limestone is one such stone that has gained worldwide acceptance for its elegant beauty and affordability. When it comes to interior and exterior designing of a home with an affordable stone option, limestone paver is the answer. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is based on calcite. There is nothing more unique than limestone, as its formation takes place naturally.

The natural look of the stone is quite attractive and so can be used on surfaces such as exterior, indoor, patio, as well as garage. The versatility of limestone has increased the demand for limestone pavers in Melbourne. They are available in a different size, shapes, and shades. Moreover, they can be cut into custom shapes and designs to fulfil our project requirements.

Here are the fives benefits of using limestone pavers for landscaping:

  1. When we plan to design and landscape a garden or outdoor area, we need to find pavers that are strong, durable, colourful, and can be installed easily. Limestone pavers are versatile products, they are available in a different shade, and we can use this stone for a patio, pool area, driveways, walkway, courtyard, lawn, verandas, and for landscaping. One of the main advantages of paver is that they can be used asymmetrical to bring creativity into homes.
  2. As these stones are available in stylish colourful such as pitch green and light beige, people are now using limestone for designing a bathroom, kitchen, and dining. Its excellent properties to deal with water make it a perfect natural stone for these applications. These colourful stones will for sure enhance the beauty of external premises. Another benefit of using limestone for landscaping is that it will match with the gardening elements flawlessly.
  3. Another great benefit for the popularity of limestone is durability. When we plan to design a home, it is very obvious we always look for materials that can last for years to come. As this stone can be cut into different size and shape, and it’s durable for paving and landscaping; it is now widely used for commercial applications as well.
  4. The surface of the limestone is the non-slip base, which means we can install limestone pavers near the pool area, garden area, and areas that will be in contact with water. These stones can prevent moisture and hence is a great choice for designing a beautiful landscape or pathways.
  5. One of the most commendable reasons for the popularity of limestone is, it is eco-friendly. If we use concrete for paving than, it will increase the carbon footprint of a garden, increasing pollution. Limestones, on the other end, are a renewable and eco-friendly product, limestones do not increase carbon footprint, and do not increase pollution of our garden. They are durable and can be used to create benches in the garden; unlike concrete, we do not have to waste money frequently on the repair.

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